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Pyramid Web Development

Pyramid, a lightweight Python web framework focused on scalability and freedom — Have a project in pyramid you need help with? Want to build a scaleable website or webapp? I can help.

Wordpress CMS Development

Powering over 60 million websites — not without it's quirks. Opening a new site or online store? Need help setting up a plugin or customizing a theme? Want your website made for you?

Django Web Development

Django issues? Don't lose hours fighting the framework — send me a message for quick help on Django, "the web framework for perfectionists with deadlines."

Twitter Automation

Twitter has become a large part in a lot of our lives. I can discretely automate your account to improve engagement and boost your Twitter presence while keeping your account online.

Instagram Automation

Want more likes or follows on Instagram? Discretely increase account engagement and Instagram presence with time-tested automation techniques. Free account presence consultation, just ask!

Web Scraping

Web scraping, a process by which you can convert the endless sea of data on the internet into digestible, usable data. Gather large quantities of data from all over the internet, or just a specific site. Confusing? Click below:

Python Development

Have questions regarding Python programming? Want me to make you a custom script or other piece of software? Need more python hands on a new project?

AWS Administration

The AWS giant can sometimes become hard to navigate. Need help finding a feature? Is AWS right for your business? Need an administrator for your AWS kingdom?

Ubuntu Remote Administration

Whether you are using Ubuntu for it's shallow learning curve or for its out-of-the-box compatability, I can assist you in as much as administration or as little as setting up a secure FTP server you can connect to from anywhere.

Alpine Remote Administration

A lightweight distribution. Have a power user who appreciates security, simplicity and resource efficiency setup your own, private docker repository, answer any of your questions, or administer your Alpine server.

Arch Remote Administration

Arch Linux, another lightweight distribution and second to few in terms of customizations, can get tricky to manage yourself. I can answer all your Arch questions, setup software, maintain your Arch server, all of the above or other.